We will be holding relaxed auditions for this year’s band in September. Come find us at bunfight during fresher’s week to book a slot.

Generally, we expect a standard of grade 6 or above and some prior experience playing jazz (although neither of these are requirements).

The auditions will all follow roughly the same structure and last around 5-10 mins but each part of the band has its own variation:

  • Horns will need to play the head of a jazz standard through once and then play a short improvisation over the chords. There will then be some sight-reading from one of the pieces the band will play over the year. If you would like to lead your section, there may be an additional piece of sight-reading and possibly a range test.
  • Vocalists will also sing the a standard (from the vocals list) and do a little improvisation. This might then be followed by another chart but this is time dependent. In order to gauge what pieces are suitable for you, there may also be a range test.
  • Keys and guitar players will be asked to play the head of chart before soloing and finally comping behind another band member. As before, there will be some sight-reading also.
  • Bassists and drummers will need to walk / keep time through the head before soloing and then once again playing behind another band member before sight-reading too.

Worried about improvisation? Don’t stress! Although we encourage everyone to have a go in a friendly environment in order to improve through the year, no one is obliged to. You will, however, need to give it a shot in your audition.

In the auditions themselves, we will ask you to pick a piece from a small list of charts (see the bottom of the page) which are all in the realbook. Need a copy? Rather than forking out for a paper copy, a free pdf is available here.

If you have any questions about the band or the auditions, just send us a message through the contact us page and someone will aim to respond to you as soon as possible. Sign up at the bunfight in September – see you then! If you don’t manage to sign up then do contact us for a slot!


Chart List:

  • tbc

The sheet music for all of these can be found in the realbook which may be downloaded here, about half-way down the page. Only Volume 1 is needed.

Vocal Chart List:

  • tbc